Updating your xbox

06-Feb-2016 00:39

Moreover, the money in your Microsoft account cannot be exchanged to other currencies, so you may need to spend it before you move or risk losing that money.

Your Gamertag, unlocked achievements, and the rest of your Xbox profile information can move with you, but your current subscriptions may not be available in the region you’re moving to, so your subscriptions should be modified/altered or may be lost if no equivalent is available.

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"Because of the complexity of this customer support process we've actually removed the page and we will work with customers directly to make sure they have a smooth experience." It may be that the process was simply too difficult to explain - and would probably only have been used by a small percentage of the console's new userbase.

With the technological change, the world has also witnessed many innovative changes.

Especially, if we talk about the gaming industry, there has been lots of development, not only in terms of many games in the market but also many innovative gaming gadgets, which has ruled over the gaming industry from past many years.

One of the following reasons outlined below can be attributed to this problem.

Before proceeding further, remember that if you’re trying to use these steps to resolve any backward compatibility account region errors, changing your account region will not resolve these issues.One of those prime gadgets is the Xbox gaming consoles, which is constantly kept on moving in the direction of making the gaming experience better.