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16-Apr-2016 01:54

I only use migrations and version models when an application is already used in production. The app won’t always crash: sometimes the changes just aren’t executed and there will occur a problem when you try to call a method related to the changes.

Core Data will not automatically update its database when you change something in it. Go to Editor Model Version in order to create a new version of your Core Data Model.

Here you can change your Current version of your model.

NET Core 1.1 MVC web applications using Entity Framework Core 1.1 and Visual Studio 2017.While I think you can benefit strictly from reading this post, it may be easier to follow along if you go back and read Core Data in Swift Tutorial (Part 1) first.This post compatible with Xcode 6.3 Beta, Updated on February 16, 2015 At this point in the tutorial, we’ve created a simple app that can create and delete log item’s backed by a Core Data store.For information about the tutorial series, see the first tutorial in the series.

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In the previous tutorials you worked with a simple data model that was composed of three entities.splitting them into different classes requires that you use delegation or notification to communicate between them.