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14-Jul-2016 16:06

Molly Ringwald was to John Hughes what strawberry jam is to sliced bread.

As a forever fan of Hughes and his muse, it took me a long time to warm up to Pretty In Pink, in part because I’ve always played favorites for my first love, Sixteen Candles, followed by the untouchable Breakfast Club.

Also, I, like many teachers, am good at adapting- adapting one lesson for 20 learners, adapting on the fly when carefully laid plans go awry and so forth. They don't just fall into popular trends in thinking and behavior by default, they make their choices being fully informed of truth, consequences, and blessings.Ever since I first watched a Hughes film at summer camp, I’ve been hovering over the wide shots of gymnasium school dances, yuppie keg parties, and high school girls with pink drapes covering their bedroom windows.