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Onlookers failed to react, thinking the brutal attack was one of the artworks.The victim, who has not been identified, was rushed to Jackson Memorial hospital but her injuries are not life-threatening. The stabbing happened near an exhibition by artist Naomi Fisher, who told the Miami Herald that witnesses thought they were watching performance art.I thought I should give Tim the heads up that this girl might also be at the party, to avoid any awkwardness. I can’t speak for all men, but if I was in his position, and had just started dating a girl I was excited about, the LAST thing I’d want is for someone to tell me gossip about her. So on top of Jessie blurting this stuff out to him, what she told him was something that wasn’t even true. Tim started grilling me intensely to find out more information. I was under this impression since he took me to a party at Miami Art Basel once just so he could meet up with her. I tried to step outside of the situation and analyze what was really going on. I watched a documentary the other day which explained how the human brain can only store so much information. This creates a couple of problems: (1) If the girl hears this, she might think I was lying about what actually happened between us — which was nothing. I felt like she lied to me and I just wanted her to ADMIT that she lied to me.

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I snuck into the market, ran up behind him and surprised him with a big hug and kiss. I bought him a chocolate sundae as a takeaway treat from my dinner. She brought me some ice cream, and then she told me about a guy she knows who had just started dating a girl I was once . We hung out a couple times, had some laughs, and that was it. And the funny thing is that one man’s tricky girl doesn’t necessarily make her another man’s. I guess that’s what relationships are about, right? I think a lot of this stems from us having to seeing each other every day. She knows I geek on Winnie-The-Pooh, so I could care less about this fight we had.

Basel's origins go back 2,000 years – it grew because of its strategic position astride the Rhine – yet the city's rich history is complemented by avant-garde art and design.