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19-Jan-2017 09:05

- Avoid sitting and standing improperly and holding heavy materials.

Bending your knees is essential while you are holding things.

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He said he couldnt deal with it etc, etc:i am obviously going ahead with the pregnancy because its what i/we wanted. i mean i know im a good mother and able to bring my children up alone, but the companionship side of it? " because it's what i/we wanted." Hmmmmmm from you own statement..not's a U...furthermore, a child NEEDS both parents...a kid needs a mom and dad..really do! take care of your kids...have decided to be a parent so be a parent...the best parent you can be.

I would say, set aside your needs and wants and focus on the little come first. Sometimes as parents, our own wants and wishes, go on the back burner.

Just from a financial stand point, you have some serious expenses coming your way in the next few months and dating simply isn't high on the priority list.

Your observations are collected on a Fertility Chart that Fertility Friend annotates with its analysis of your data.

This chart becomes a dashboard of your current fertility status.

most men dont want to raise a child that is not theirs or deal with the drama that comes with ready for that..